Sounds Of The Nations Worship & Arts School 2019

Sounds Of The Nations Worship & Arts School 2019


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There are 4 modules to choose from (You choose 3) that we all do in 'real time' - together. These are:

  • Redeeming A Sound;

  • God Vibrations - The Supernatural and Scientific Impact of Sound;

  • Songwriting - A Worship Writers Guide, OR The God Artist - The Quest for supernatural Influence.

  • Each weekly lesson will consist of videos, readings and a task. It should take you around 1 hour to complete. There is a discussion board where you can interact with Roma and the other students during the course training.

  • These 3 courses are the foundation for a successful ministry as an artist who wants to transform culture as a 'musicianary' - a musician who has the heart of a missionary, wanting to change nations through music and art.

    Please note: If you are NOT a songwriter choose you will  be able to choose  "The God Artist - The Quest for Supernatural Influence" as your 3rd course. 


  • You will also receive access to ALL courses on this site, plus any new ones created for FREE as long as you pay your monthly membership fee;

  • You will have access to our private monthly group zoom calls with Roma Waterman (and sometimes special guests);

  • You will be added to a private Facebook group where you can interact with Roma and other students.


by Dan McCollam

In this 12 week course students will:

  • Learn foundational truths for redeeming a sound
  • Identify what is the new song of the Lord and why it is needed
  • Understand and overturn atmospheres through worship
  • Understand the importance of reconciliation
  • Learn how to worship bigger than the room
  • Understand frequency, resonance and entrainment and how it relates to worship
  • Obtain tools to help develop relationships with others of the same heart
  • Understand The Function and Authority of the New Song in the Three Heavens

At the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Sing the new song of the Lord with authority and understanding;
  • Overturn atmospheres through worship;
  • Research the cultural music of a nation;
  • Gain confidence to release your own authentic sound.

Redeeming a Sound is a great foundational course for any worship and arts ministry.

GOD VIBRATIONS - The Scientific and Supernatural Impact of Sound

God Vibrations explores the scientific and supernatural impact of sound on every level of human consciousness as well as the physical and spiritual world around us.

This transformational teaching by Dan McCollam has impacted thousands of worshippers worldwide as they begin to grasp how science and scripture are confirming the power we have to transform atmospheres through the power of worship.

Completing this course will give you greater revelation and understanding both from a scriptural and scientific perspective. Closing the gap between the two, this course is knowledge based with a practical application via the student completing experiments, journalling and life application exercises. There is also an assessment requirement at the end of the course.

This 12 week course consists of:

  • Weekly Videos;

  • Study notes;

  • Fill in the blank journalling;

  • Life application ideas;

  • Optional experiments to do at home;

  • End of course assessment;

  • Engagement in the discussion forums.

Through the course you will:

  • Understand scriptures that lay a foundation for the physics of sound and how it relates to the power of worship;

  • Identify scientific and extra biblical sources that confirm scriptural foundations for the power/physics of sound;

  • Understand the basics of atomic particles, string theory, quantum field theory and its connection in worship and creation;

  • Understand the scientific theory of the principle of entrainment and it’s connection to our worship expressions, conversations, self talk, prayers, declarations and our praises;

  • Understand the phenomenon of Synesthesia;

  • Observe the power of sound in action through the scientific experiments performed in the videos;

  • Observe how sound shapes matter;

  • Observe the healing power of sound.

  • At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Perform scientific experiments on your own;

  • Lead worship, write songs, pray and create with greater authority based on the revelations received through this module;

  • Communicate succinctly and accurately to others the connection between physics and worship.

COURSE 3: SONGWRITING - A Worship Writers Guide

Offering foundational principles you will also have the opportunity to experiment through practical weekly assignments and participate in the forum with other students based on the themes of each week.

Highly technical with engaging, conversational content, coupled with weekly practical exercises for you to try, this is an excellent course for the beginner to advanced worship songwriter.

Each lesson contains:

  • A weekly MP3 teaching session with Dan McCollam and guests;

  • Study notes to read alongside the MP3 teachings;

  • Weekly practical assignments for you to try out for yourself;

  • Weekly discussion questions;

  • You will also receive two downloadable ebooks: “The Worship Writers Guide” & “Finding Your Song”.

  • Song Hooks
    Identify, locate and write song hooks;
    Identify the four categories of song hooks for praise and worship songs;
    Craft your ideas into a song hook;
    Identify the 5 Main types of repetition;

  • Study Song Form
    Study different Song Forms;
    Understand the building blocks for great songs - song sections (Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Pre Chorus etc);

  • Songwriting Techniques
    Use different 'list techniques' for songwriting;
    Study Alliteration, contrast, slant rhyme as the four devices for writing;
    Learn the key principles in writing a great chorus;
    Identify foundational and rotational simple chorus types;

  • Lyrics
    Improve your lyrical content;
    Develop imagery skills;

  • Melody
    Learn how to create memorable melodies;
    Understand and identify the foundations of Melody: The musical motif, prosody, sing- ability, musical contrasts and emphasis ;

  • Finishing Touches
    Understand the importance of re-writing;
    Understand the benefits of co-writing;
    Learn what to do with a finished song;
    Understand the registration and copyright process;
    Submit your own song for review.

The God Artist - The Quest For Supernatural Creative Influence

Each lesson contains:

  • 12 Week course

  • Weekly quizzes, readable pdf's, videos, journal and action points for you to do every week;

  • An end of course - there will be a creative piece to present;

Who is this course for?

Artists in all creative forums -Painters, dancers, songwriters, poets, singers – who have a passion to influence the arts in and outside of the church – God's way.

What will you learn?

  • Examine the attributes of God's character as the great artist and how to have those characteristics in your own art expression;

  • Learn the principles of quantum physics, our unique DNA from a scientific perspective and the power of sound to give you greater foundation in your creative life;

  • Learn the importance of discipline;

  • Release forgiveness to expand your creativity ;

  • Activate the prophetic;

  • Learn how to be a God artist beyond church walls;

  • Study of the tabernacle and how it reflects us as artists;

  • Study the arts throughout history from the beginning, to the renaissance era, the Hippie and Jesus movements, to modern day Christian music and worship genres;

  • Identify what you can learn from history to move forward with influence;

  • Be given tools to help you create space to focus more on your artistic medium;

  • Create something to present to the rest of the class.

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