Songwriting - The Worship Writers Guide

Songwriting - The Worship Writers Guide

taught by Roma Waterman
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Course Curriculum

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Finding Your Song Book Cover
Finding Your Song
Introduce yourself to the rest of the class!
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Week 1 - Song Hooks
Song Hooks with Dan McCollam
Song Hooks Lesson 1
Discussion Question Week 1
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Week 2 - Getting Great Ideas for Song Hooks
Great Ideas for song hooks with Dan McCollam
Great Ideas for Song Hooks Lesson 2
Discussion Question Week 2
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Week 3 - Crafting Your Ideas Into A Song Hook
Crafting your ideas into a song hook with Dan McCollam
Crafting Your Ideas Into A Song Hook Lesson 3
Discussion Question Week 3
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Week 4 -Song Sections: The Building Blocks For Building Great Songs
Song Sections with Dan McCollam
Song Sections Lesson 4
Discussion Question Week 4
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Week 5 -Building Song Sections From A Hook
Building song sections from a hook with Dan McCollam
Building Song Sections From A Hook Lesson 5
Discussion Question Week 5
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Week 6 - Improving Your Lyrical Content
Improving your lyrical content with Dan McCollam
Improving Your Lyrical Content Lesson 6
Discussion Question Week 6
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Week 7 - Introduction To The Simple Chorus
Introduction to the simple chorus with Dan McCollam
Introduction To The Simple Chorus - Lesson 7
Discussion Question Week 7
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Week 8 -The Verse-Chorus Song Form
The Verse Chorus Song Form with Dan McCollam
The Verse-Chorus Song Form- Lesson 8
Discussion Question Week 8
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Week 9 -The Chorus-Bridge Song Form
The Chorus-Bridge form with Dan McCollam
The Chorus-Bridge Song Form- Lesson 9
Discussion Question Week 9
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Week 10 -Making Memorable Melodies
Making Memorable Melodies with Dan McCollam
Making Memorable Melodies- Lesson 10
Discussion Question Week 10
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Week 11 - Re-writing and Co-writing Songs
Re-writing and Co-writing songs with Dan McCollam
Re-writing and Co-writing Songs- Lesson 11
Discussion Question Week 11
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Week 12 -When Your Song Is Finished
When your song is finished with Dan McCollam
When Your Song Is Finished- Lesson 12
Discussion Question Week 12
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Course description

Looking back over history countless songs have been written that have transformed the culture of the church. New and old, it is easy to recall the great hymns and modern worship songs that have impacted generations. The greatest worship songs have always had the ability to shift atmospheres and soften hearts unhindered by time or seasons.

In this 12 week course Dan McCollam delves deep into the art and technique of worship songwriting. This module is designed to stretch, develop and refine your skills by identifying the technical factors that make a great song.

Offering foundational principles you will also have the opportunity to experiment through practical weekly assignments and participate in the forum with other students based on the themes of each week.

Highly technical with engaging, conversational content, coupled with weekly practical exercises for you to try, this is an excellent course for the beginner to advanced worship songwriter.

Each lesson contains:

A weekly MP3 teaching session with Dan McCollam and guests;

Study notes to read alongside the MP3 teachings;

Weekly practical assignments for you to try out for yourself;

Weekly discussion questions;

You will also receive two downloadable ebooks: “The Worship Writers Guide” & “Finding Your Song”.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Study and deconstruct popular worship songs;

Song Hooks

  • Identify, locate and write song hooks;
  • Identify the four categories of song hooks for praise and worship songs;
  • Craft your ideas into a song hook;
  • Identify the 5 Main types of repetition;

Study Song Form

  • Study different Song Forms;
  • Understand the building blocks for great songs - song sections (Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Pre Chorus etc);

Songwriting Techniques

  • Use different 'list techniques' for songwriting;
  • Study Alliteration, contrast, slant rhyme as the four devices for writing;
  • Learn the key principles in writing a great chorus;
  • Identify foundational and rotational simple chorus types;


  • Improve your lyrical content;
  • Develop imagery skills;


  • Learn how to create memorable melodies;
  • Understand and identify the foundations of Melody: The musical motif, prosody, sing- ability, musical contrasts and emphasis ;

Finishing Touches

  • Understand the importance of re-writing;
  • Understand the benefits of co-writing;
  • Learn what to do with a finished song;
  • Understand the registration and copyright process;
  • Submit your own song for review.

Please note: “God Vibrations” and “Redeeming A Sound” are recommended courses to take before you start this course as they provide an excellent foundation on the more spiritual aspects of what it means to release the new song of the Lord.

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Roma Waterman
Roma Waterman

Roma Waterman is an award winning singer/songwriter, worship leader, and best selling author.

As a vocal coach, session singer, artist and pastor for over 30 years, which has included being a judge for the early audition process on the X Factor in Australia, she has also been a vocal coach for many TV Talent contestants on X Factor, Idol and the Voice. 

She is the founding director of the Melbourne Gospel Choir, who you may have seen on various television shows including The Logies, The AFL Grand Final and Ch 9's Carols by Candlelight.

The author of several Amazon No.1 bestselling books, she has also released 8 albums that have been released globally and across Christian radio in Australia, New Zealand and The UK.

In the last two years she has become an online instructor, teaching thousands of students all over the world in the areas of worship training, voice presentation (for podcasting and teaching), vocal coaching, songwriting, as well as how to write best selling books and online courses to help other up and coming creative entreprenuers.

She loves helping people achieve their greatest dreams, thinking out of the box, and reinventing herself = and helping others do the same.