If you live in Australasia and are into Christian music, there is no doubt you will have heard of Roma Waterman. 

As one of Australia’s foremost Christian artists, Roma has been at the forefront of it’s music for almost 20 years. (She likes to add here that she was VERY young when she started!)

The author of Releasing Heaven's Song, The God Artist, The Handbook for Working Singers and "Creative Identity-Carving Your Angel in the Rock, Roma has also been an Amazon No 1 best seller for her books which focus on arts and spirituality. 

Roma has been a vocal coach for 25 years, working with contestants on The X Factor, The Voice and Australian Idol. 

She has released 8 albums and toured Internationally and won several songwriting awards in her career. She is the founder of the much loved Melbourne Gospel Choir, a regular staple on Chanel 9's Carols By Candlelight in Australia as well as various TV shows. 

Her wealth of experience in this arena makes her a leading expert in her field of vocals, songwriting and performance.

She is no stranger to the recording studio, having recorded 7 albums over the span of her career. Most notably, ‘People change’ and ‘No ordinary life’ which garnered several top ten radio hits, including the infamous ‘I was Carried’, ‘More than icecream’, ‘lifting me up’ and ‘No ordinary life’. This has led to receiving many awards, including The Gospel Music Associations Honour award for outstanding contribution to Christian music.

As a trainer, she has transitioned into creating online courses to help others achieve their dreams as creative artists - singers, songwriters, painters, dancers, worship leaders and artists. 

Currently there are over 25,000 students worldwide doing one of her courses.