Roma Waterman

6 Week Creative Leaders Mentoring Group

A 6 week course for creative leaders in ministry with weekly webinars, weekly notes, homework & community.

Roma Waterman

How To Sing #1: Vocal Warm up toolkit and Voice Physiology Essentials

Warm up's and Vocal Tips to Sing Like a Pro

Roma Waterman

Your Complete Vocal Warm Up - 25 Minute MP3 Download

A downloadable 25 minute vocal warm up, covering breathing, general warm up, dynamic and resonance exercises. With fully produced backing tracks and guided verbal instructions to give you a great warm up experience!

Roma Waterman

How to Sing #2: Increase Vocal Range, Blend Registers & Agility

A Singers Guide to Increasing Vocal Range, Blending Vocal Registers and Improving Voice Flexibility


How To Sing #1 and #2 Course Bundle

Roma Waterman

How To Create Your Own Successful Online Course Now

A Beginners Guide to Creating and Marketing an online course