Have you tried to create a notebook or journal to sell on Amazon but get stuck when it comes to the technical aspects of launching to a global audience?

Do you feel it’s unclear, feel unequipped, or overwhelmed by all the steps required to create, publish and market?

Or maybe you have created a book, journal or notebook but feel stuck on how to not only publish on Amazon also how to actually make money? I know that feeling, and I’m here to help you from start to finish with this online course.

I have published 9 books, two of them journals, and have become a best selling author by following the system I will show you in this course.

In fact, to make this course really fun, I walk through how I created my most recent journal, “My Prayer Journal” from beginning to end so you can see my process in real time!

Through this course, you will receive step by step instructions on how to create a journal or notebook that is visually appealing, as well as all the technical aspects required to load your books up to Amazon and IngramSpark for worldwide sales and print on demand copies for yourself.

  • Research your niche to sell with expertise and confidence

  • Create internal pages that are beautiful and appealing with ease

  • Design an eye catching book cover

  • Create ISBN, Barcode & Imprint page

  • Load up your notebook to IngramSpark & Amazon KDP from start to finish

  • Price your book to make a profit

  • Order proofs

  • Find the right help you need (on a budget) to maximise the success your project

  • Create beautiful promo shots to promote your journal

  • Marketing tips to launch your book and increase your sales

Bonus material

In addition to the step by step videos in this course, you will also receive the following bonuses


    Print off your checklist to keep you on track - stop the overwhelm and have this checklist as a reminder to help you do things in the right order while not missing a single step.


    An infographic to show you a bird's eye view of the whole process to keep you seeing the big picture.


    My notebook of all the useful links mentioned in this course to access everything you need easily and quickly.

Follow my step by step videos to help you start....and finish creating your beautiful notebooks & journals

This course is for anyone who wants to create a passive income through the joy of creating their own products. We keep it simple, fun and creative - you will love using this course to help you create your very own journals and notebooks!


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Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • A work in progress...

    • Create Your Journal Introduction

    • Your checklist and infographic

    • Infographic outline

    • Checklist - Print off and tick as you go!

    • Little Black Book

  2. 2
    • KDP vs IngramSpark - What are they and the pros and cons of both

    • DO THIS FIRST - Research

    • How much could my journal make?

  3. 3
    • Journal Layout in an hour

    • Design Your Book Cover

    • Creating An Imprint For Your Book

  4. 4
    • Getting Your ISBN and Barcode

  5. 5
    • How To Load Up Your Journal in IngramSpark

    • How To Calculate Book Cover Spine

    • IngramSpark Book Cover Generator

    • Loading Up Your Book Cover

    • Title Set Up

    • Approve Your Book Ready For Print

    • Ordering Your First Print Copy

    • Price Your Book To Make A Profit

    • Pricing Your Book And Wholesale Distribution

  6. 6
    • Loading Your Book in KDP

    • SEO and Keywords To Increase Sales and Visibility

    • Amazon Categories

    • Loading Your Manuscript and Cover

    • Checking Your Print Proof

    • Approve Your KDP Project

    • KDP Content Complete Conclusion

    • KDP Pricing, Sale and Publishing

    • KDP Ordering Author Copies If You Live In Australia/NZ

    • KDP Ordering A Print Proof

    • The Finished Product!

    • Why is the price of my book on Amazon KDP so high? Here's why and what you can do about it.

  7. 7
    • How to get help on a budget (and where to find them)

    • How to write a job description

    • How to write your Job Description - Sample

    • Reviewing job proposals - who is the best person for your job?

  8. 8
    • Marketing - Finding someone to help you

    • KDP Optimising your page - categories and keywords

    • KDP Optimise your description

    • Create mock-up shots

    • A cool design option

  9. 9
    • Congratulations - where to from here?