INCLUDED: 5 Day Author Quick Launch To Success

Five days of live masterclasses covering the most important aspects of writing, including special guests and student interaction!

Write A Book - Share Your Story PLUS Book Writer's Intensive

Have you ever thought of writing your own book?

These courses are for those of you wanting to create non fiction books - to successfully share your story or knowledge with the world... Do you have something that you really want to share that you know will help others – but you feel overwhelmed about the process, the cost, or you are just not sure where to begin? I remember when I wrote my first book (15 years ago) - staring at a blank page on my computer while negative thoughts flooded my mind – reminding me of all the reasons why I couldn't write. Maybe you have had those thoughts too... I am happy to say that 15 years later I am so glad I didn't listen to those voices, and I am now a best selling author of many hard copy books and ebooks. Some of them much to my delight are even No. 1 best sellers on Amazon. More importantly, I have discovered much joy and satisfaction in sharing my knowledge and story with others.

  • Foundations – Nailing your purpose and core idea

  • The writing phase – which includes simple tips to write well, and also includes how to overcome writers block

  • Typesetting your book

  • The editing phase and process

  • Designing your book cover (or choosing a designer)

  • How to get endorsements and reviews for your book

  • Marketing and distribution – this is where I will show you how to promote your book, and I'm even going to reveal my exact strategy for how to get your own book to No1 on the Kindle store

  • Printing and digital distribution – where I will show you how to get your book loaded up on to Amazon for hard copy printing and Kindle for digital downloads

Also included

  • Budget and how much your book may cost

  • Explain the important reasons for writing a book (which will give you the confidence to not only start but finish)

  • How to overcome writers block

  • PDF's you can print out

  • A checklist to keep you on track

  • An Ebook which shows you the EXACT steps on how to get your book to No 1 in the Amazon store

You will get access to

  • 8 Phase Writing Formula

    Step by Step video and notes to get you starting...and finishing your book

  • 4 Phase Digital Marketing Plan

    How to promote your book on social media and digitally. Includes printable checklist.

  • Ebook

    Step by step guide on how to get your book to No 1 on the Amazon Kindle Store

  • Checklists & PDFs

  • Video Lessons

Create and Sell Your Journal and Notebook on Amazon

I have created many best selling books and journals …

And in this course I will show you the process as I create one of my journals from start to finish.

  • Research your niche

  • Create an internal layout

  • Design your cover

  • Create ISBN, Barcode & Imprint page

  • Load up your notebook to IngramSpark & Amazon KDP from start to finish

  • Price your book

  • Order proofs

  • Get help on a budget

  • Create beautiful promo shots to promote your journal

  • Marketing tips to launch your book

Bonus material

In addition to the step by step videos in this course, you will also receive the following bonuses


    Print off your checklist to keep you on track - Stop the overwhelm and have this checklist as a reminder to help you do things in the right order while not missing a single step.


    An infographic to show you a bird's eye view of the whole process to keep you seeing the big picture.


    My notebook of all the useful links mentioned in this course to access everything you need easily and quickly.

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