Write A Book - Share Your Story

Write A Book - Share Your Story

Write, Self Publish and Market your Non-Fiction Book, Launch on Amazon and Learn How to Become a Best Seller on Kindle! | taught by Roma Waterman

Course description

Have you ever thought of writing your own book?

This course is for those of you wanting to create non fiction books - to successfully share your story or knowledge with the world...

Do you have something that you really want to share that you know will help others – but you feel overwhelmed about the process, the cost, or you are just not sure where to begin?

I remember when I wrote my first book (15 years ago) - staring at a blank page on my computer while negative thoughts flooded my mind – reminding me of all the reasons why I couldn't write. Maybe you have had those thoughts too...

I am happy to say that 15 years later I am so glad I didn't listen to those voices, and I am now a best selling author of many hard copy books and ebooks.

Some of them much to my delight are even No. 1 best sellers on Amazon.  More importantly, I have discovered much joy and satisfaction in sharing my knowledge and story with others.

I want to show you the exact steps I have used over and over again to create, write and market my own books.

In this course you will discover my 8 phase book writing formula which includes:

  • Foundations – Nailing your purpose and core idea;
  • The writing phase – which includes simple tips to write well, and also includes how to overcome writers block;
  • The editing phase and process;
  • Typesetting your book;
  • Designing your book cover (or choosing a designer);
  • How to get endorsements and reviews for your book;
  • Printing and digital distribution – where I will show you how to get your book loaded up on to Amazon for hard copy printing and Kindle for digital downloads;
  • Marketing and distribution – this is where I will show you how to promote your book, and I'm even going to reveal my exact strategy for how to get your own book to No1 on the Kindle store.

In addition to my 8 phase formula I will share:

  • Budget and how much your book may cost;
  • Explain the important reasons for writing a book (which will give you the confidence to not only start but finish);
  • How to overcome writers block;
  • Other options and income streams that you can leverage after you complete and release your book;
  • PDF's you can print out;
  • A checklist to keep you on track;
  • All my notes;
  • I'm also available in the discussion board to answer any questions you may have.

Now, if you don't understand some of the terminology I have just used – don't worry! (I have been there, which is why I will also explain each phase in detail and why it's important in making your book a great success.

If you have a story to tell (and I believe you do), or if you have some knowledge you want to share with the world, then this course will help you achieve your dream of launching your book with success.

I look forward to seeing you in the course and being a part of your journey.

Roma Waterman
Roma Waterman

Roma Waterman is an award winning singer/songwriter, worship leader, and best selling author.

As a vocal coach, session singer, artist and pastor for over 30 years, which has included being a judge for the early audition process on the X Factor in Australia, she has also been a vocal coach for many TV Talent contestants on X Factor, Idol and the Voice. 

She is the founding director of the Melbourne Gospel Choir, who you may have seen on various television shows including The Logies, The AFL Grand Final and Ch 9's Carols by Candlelight.

The author of several Amazon No.1 bestselling books, she has also released 8 albums that have been released globally and across Christian radio in Australia, New Zealand and The UK.

In the last two years she has become an online instructor, teaching thousands of students all over the world in the areas of worship training, voice presentation (for podcasting and teaching), vocal coaching, songwriting, as well as how to write best selling books and online courses to help other up and coming creative entreprenuers.

She loves helping people achieve their greatest dreams, thinking out of the box, and reinventing herself = and helping others do the same.

You can contact me here: roma@romawaterman.com

Course Curriculum

Introduction - Write Your Book! FREE PREVIEW
Why Write A Book?
How Much Will it Cost?
How Long Should Your Book Be?
What is the 8 Phase Writing Formula?
The 8 Phase Writing Formula Checklist
PHASE 1 - Nailing Your Core Idea
What Will Your Book Be About?
The Post It Note & Sandwich Method
The Writing Process Exercises
PHASE 2 - Writing
My Top 12 Writing Tips
Writers Block - What Is It?
Overcoming Writers Block
Overcoming Writers Block PDF
Writers Block - Inspiration From Phillip Pullman
Editing - What It Is & Why You Need It
How To Edit A Book
How To Find An Editor
Creating A Book Cover
Designing Your Own Book Cover
Resources To Help You Design Your Own Book Cover
What are endorsements/reviews & How To Get Them
PHASE 7 - Printing & Digital Distribution
Formatting Your Kindle Book
Putting Your Ebook on the Kindle Store
Printing Your Book
Marketing Introduction
How To Get Your Ebook to No. 1 In The Kindle Store
My 4 Phase Digital Marketing Plan - Overview
4 Step Process Marketing Checklist
The 3 Ways People Search For Books on Amazon (And How It Can Help You)
How To Find Out If People Would Be Interested In Your Topic
Finding the right categories to leverage better sales
Using Forums To Your Advantage
Creating Graphics For Your Book Launch
Write Your Book!
What Else Can You Do With Your Book?
Book Marketing Tools E Book