How to Sing #2 - How to Sing: Increase Vocal Range, Blend Registers & Agility

A Singers Guide to Increasing Vocal Range, Blending Vocal Registers and Improving Voice Flexibility.

  • Reach high and low notes with ease, and improve flexibility and strength

  • Increase your vocal range

  • Eliminate vocal breaks

  • Increase stamina and flexibility in your voice

What Is Included

  • Vocal Exercises

    Vocal exercises to blend vocal registers, increase vocal range and improve voice flexibility;

  • Common Q&A

    Q&A videos of most common voice questions (Have you ever wondered what chest voice//head voice really means? What is falsetto?);

  • Find Your Vocal Range

    (soprano, mezzo, alto, tenor, baritone, bass) with videos on voice classification & vocal registers.

  • The Singing Dictionary Ebook of common singing terms;

  • Placement Imagery Exercises

    A simple 'mind/thinking' technique that will help strengthen and expand your vocal range;

  • Print Out Cheat Sheets

  • Over 1.5 Hours of Video Content

  • Over 1 hour of downloadable MP3 piano scales

Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • What is Voice Classification?

    • What is a Vocal Register?

    • Find YOUR Vocal Range

    • Voice Classification - Is it Important?

    • Quiz 1- Voice Classification

  2. 3
    • What Does Blending Vocal Registers Mean?

    • The Siren

    • Ree on Semitones

    • 5 Note Scale

    • Quiz - Vocal Registers

    • Ree Ay Ah Sustained

    • Octave Leap

  3. 4
    • Increasing Vocal Range - Introduction

    • The Yawn, Boo Hoo and Ya Ya

    • Bww on the Octave

    • Vocal Clicks

    • The Sigh

    • Circle Scale to Work on Increasing the Lower Range

    • Quiz - Increasing Vocal Range

  4. 5
  5. 6
    • What is Placement Imagery?

    • Breathing - The Upside Down Ice-cream Cone and Hollow Legs

    • High Notes - The Bottomless Pit, The Little Ant & The Flip Top Lid

    • The Cloud and the Ladder

    • Placement - The Clothesline, Pinocchio & Bullseye

  6. 7
    • Download Introduction

    • A quick note about scales downloads!

    • Vocal Range Cheat Sheet

    • The Singing Dictionary E Book

    • Having trouble downloading your MP3's when accessing the course from your phone? This will help.

  7. 8
    • Soprano/Tenor scales - Vocal Registers

    • Soprano/Tenor Scales - Vocal Range

    • Soprano Tenor Scales - Vocal Agility

  8. 9
    • Blending Vocal Registers - mezzo_baritone

    • Extending Vocal Range-mezzo_baritone

    • Agility - Mezzo_baritone

  9. 10
    • Blending Vocal Registers - alto_bass

    • Extending Vocal Range - alto_bass

    • Vocal Agility - alto_bass

  10. 11
    • Q&A Introduction

    • What is chest, middle and head voice?

    • What is Falsetto?

    • What is Whistle Register?

    • What is Vocal Fry?

    • Do I Need Private Singing Lessons?

    • How do I feel my voice in the mask of the face? (Resonance)

  11. 12
    • Thank you!

    • BONUS LECTURE #1 - My Top 12 Tips For Vocal Blending

    • BONUS DOWNLOAD: Singing After Covid & The Flu

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Clear Instructions

Dalitso Utembe

Great course, clear instructions on what one is meant to do and what you are achieving. It is nice that you can go back over and over to refer or revise any topical area that you are not sure about down the learn. I like the way it is easy to access the course especially through your mobile device and also the accessing online which gives me flexibility as to when I can do it. God bless Roma for bringing this to my home and love your beautiful spirit. Looking forward to learning lots from other courses.