How To Learn & Sing Harmonies

Even If You Don't Read Music

  • Learn To Sing Harmonies Easily

  • Create Your Own Harmonies From Scratch

  • Learn How To Vocal Blend in a Group, Choir, or Duo

Everything You Need to Become a Pro at Learning, Singing and Creating Your Own Harmonies

If you want visualize harmonies and map them out, hear harmonies using aural exercises that will help you create your own, or even if you just want to Learn my Top 11 basic tips for singing harmonies like a pro, then this is the course for you!

Want to Learn Harmonies But Not Sure Where To Begin?

  • Visualize harmonies and map them out

  • Hear harmonies using aural exercises that will help you create your own

  • My Top 11 basic tips for singing harmonies like a pro

What's Included In The Course

  • Visual Tips To Help You "See" & Write Harmonies

  • Top 11 Tips To Learn Harmonies Immediately

  • Aural Tips To Help You Hear Harmonies Quickly & Easily

  • Printable PDF's

  • Video Training

  • MP3 Backing Tracks To Sing Along To

  • Lyric Sheets

Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • My Top 11 Quick Tips for Singing Harmonies

    • My Top 11 Vocal Tips For Singing Harmonies PDF

  2. 3
    • Vocal Blending - Introduction

    • Different Performances Of The Same Song...and How It Sounds

    • Vocal Blending Review

    • The Challenge - Now It's Your Turn!

  3. 4
    • My Top 3 Hacks for 'Seeing' Harmonies

    • Drawing Harmonies

    • Putting It All Together

    • Silent Night Lyric Sheet

  4. 5
    • Aural Tips - Introduction

    • Training Your Ear To Hear Hidden Sounds

    • Sound of Freedom Lyric Sheet

    • Sounds of Freedom Backing Track

    • I'm Free Lyric Sheet

    • Having trouble downloading your MP3's when accessing the course from your phone? This will help.

    • I'm Free MP3

    • Higher Lyric Sheet

    • Higher MP3

    • 2 Note Interval Training

    • The Interval Song Scale

    • Interval Song Scale On Piano (For all you visual learners!)

    • Interval Song Scale PDF

    • Drone Note Scale

  5. 6
    • Games and Apps to Improve Your Skills

    • Apps for Harmonies PDF

  6. 7
    • You Did It!

    • Melbourne Gospel Choir - Social Media Info

    • Copyright Information For Songs Used In This Course

    • BONUS LECTURE #1: My Top 12 Tips For Vocal Blending

    • BONUS DOWNLOAD: Singing After Covid & The Flu

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