Do you struggle with anxiety and panic attacks?

This is a topic that is very close to my heart, because I struggled with severe panic attacks and anxiety early on in my life.

Today, with God's help I am totally set free from any fear. I am able to live my life to the full and now I am passionate about helping others know there is hope to overcome anxiety. When I was going through those dark few years, it seemed like I would never overcome fear. I felt like it was just my lot in life, I was going to struggle with it forever. But I discovered that is not the truth! And it is so wonderful not to live in daily torment from fear! This is a very simple course sharing my journey of what worked for me, as well as how I approached it with God's help spiritually. I am not a doctor - you should always consult a doctor or medical specialist if you condition is serious.

My Story

A few months ago I did a Facebook live where I talked about how to overcome anxiety and I shared a little of my story of my own experience with severe panic attacks and how with God's help I now live totally free of them. I really did not expect the huge response I had...and it made me realise - there's alot of us who have experienced this. This is a copy of that facebook live that garnered so much attention... It's easy when you are going through crippling fear to think it's something that will plague you for the rest of your life, but I am here to tell you, with God's help, you can overcome fear. In this video I share my experience while being on tour and suffering endless panic attacks, which resulted in me stopping singing for a few years, thinking I would never be able to sing on a stage ever again. I'm thankful to the Lord for helping me through this season, and I know He can do the same for you.

Course curriculum

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