Do you love to sing, but you are frustrated with how much you have to learn just to get ready to sing a song?

Does your voice tire easily? Here is a quick, easy, straight to the point singing warm up you can use everyday - something you can just play from beginning to end that's simple to implement daily.

You may already know a lot about singing technique, voice physiology and breathing for singing and just want a simple warm up that you can follow… Or you could be at the other end of the spectrum - you don't know a lot about singing, and you just want to experiment with simple, easy to understand singing scales. You also may not know what your vocal range is, or maybe you have been practicing the wrong types of scales for your voice - they are either too high, too low, or you don't know if you are performing them with correct vocal technique... Your voice might feel tight, tire easily, or you are just not hitting those high notes like you would like… This course provides easy to follow warm up scales that you can follow - just like you would if you were in my studio one on one!

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • Your vocal range (Soprano, Mezzo, Alto, Tenor, Baritone or Bass) and then choose the vocal warm up scales for your range

  • How to sing each scale correctly

  • How much to practice to get the most out of your voice

  • Simple stretching exercises to prepare your voice to sing

  • A basic approach to correct posture so that you can breath, and sing with ease

This is course has been specifically designed as a complete, no fuss work out.

If you are looking for a singing routine you can use every day, all you have to do is press play, and you have a half an hour workout at your fingertips.

Join Roma Waterman, professional vocal coach, performer, author and speaker, in her studio guiding you through your very own singing class. With over 30 years experience, her singing courses are some of the best selling vocal courses in the world.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • How Much Should I Practice?

    • How To Find YOUR Vocal Range

    • Placement Imagery - The Art Of Thinking Differently

    • All The Scales Explained - How To Do Each Exercise

  3. 3
    • EVERYONE Do This First! 3 Pillars Warm Up

    • Soprano/Tenor - Ultimate Daily Workout

    • Mezzo/Baritone - Ultimate Daily Workout

    • Alto/Bass - Ultimate Daily Workout

  4. 4
    • Singing After Covid and the Flu Introduction

    • The Importance of an appropriate vocal warm up

    • Vocal Clicks

    • The Straw

    • Singing after Covid & The Flu - suggestions

  5. 5
    • Congratulations! Whats next?

    • Discount Code to other singing courses especially for you!