6 Week Creative Leaders Mentoring Group

A 6 week course for creative leaders with weekly webinars, weekly notes, homework & community. | taught by Roma Waterman

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Are you a creative leader, worship pastor, artist, songwriter or worship leader - looking for support and direction?

Do you sometimes wonder if you have what it takes to lead yourself and your teams? Do you wonder how to activate the vision that God has placed inside your heart?

Maybe you think a lot about how to pay the bills or earn more of an income, without selling out to the dollar. Or like me, you have a tension between what you can see needs to happen to bring change, with the way things actually are right now.

You wish there was somewhere you could go to get the training and mentoring you need to move forward in all God has placed inside of you. Because after all, this is about seeing God change peoples lives, seeing God-art transform communities, churches, people.

I have been where you are. In my 20 years of ministry, I have had some highs and lows. I've had the privilege of recording albums and touring with some amazing artists like Michael W Smith, Jars of Clay and even DC Talk! I've been a worship pastor, a creative leader and I have been able to travel to teach and train many other creative leaders just like you. I know what its like - to not know what's next. To keep fresh, to hear from God amongst all the admin required for the task!

I longed for mentors and other people just like me to bounce ideas off, to pray with, to be challenged by. And in the end….those things changed my ministry and my life.

That's why I have created The 6 Week Creative Leaders Mentor Group. 

For 6 weeks, come join us as we explore together what God has for you in this next season.

There will be weekly webinars, a private Facebook group, weekly training notes, and best of all….you get access to the materials for a lifetime.

  • Be able to move forward with a vision, clarity for your future and the future of the people or movement you are leading
  • Receive actionable steps, without feeling overwhelmed;
  • Strategies to create extra streams of income to fund your art, or your church projects (and this will never end so we need these tools!)
  • Gain the confidence you need to lead well;

Here's some of the topics we will be covering during our 6 weeks together:

  • How to overcome writers block;
  • How to create and minister when you feel broken, frustrated or worn out;
  • How to advance quickly as a songwriter, worship leader or artist;
  • How to nurture/pastor creatives;
  • How to be a visionary and how to activate that vision with actionable steps;
  • How to make a living from your art;
  • A mentor to bounce ideas off;
  • Tools to help lead yourself and other creatives without the overwhelm;
  • Time and creation management ideas to help leverage your influence and grow you to the next level in your ministry or creative sphere.
Let's share the journey together, and see what God will do.

Roma Waterman
Roma Waterman

Hi there! Here's a bit of info about me... My husband Ted and I are the Directors of Sounds of the Nations Oceania. I'm the author of Releasing Heaven's Song, The God Artist, The Handbook for Working Singers and "Creative Identity-Carving Your Angel in the Rock. I'm even an Amazon No 1 best seller which I'm pretty excited about!

I've been a vocal coach for 25 years, working with contestants on The X Factor, The Voice and Australian Idol. I've released 8 albums and toured Internationally and won several songwriting awards in my career.

I'm grateful and humbled for all my success stories, but my most rewarding achievement has been creating online courses to help others achieve their dreams as creative artists - singers, songwriters, painters dancers. Currently there are over 9,000 students worldwide doing one of my courses.


Course Curriculum

Hello and Welcome!
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Week 1 - The Passion Umbrella: Every Drop Counts
The Passion Umbrella
The Passion Umbrella -Homework
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Week 2
Time Hacks - Read this first!
Time Hacks - Tips to Automate and Outsource
PDF: Outsourcing and Automation Links mentioned in the Video
How To Create Social Media Posts Using Word Dream Phone App (Taken from how to create an online course course)
Using Buffer for scheduling posts (Taken from How To Create an Online Course)
Using Google Drive - The Why and How (Taken from How to create an online course)
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Week 3
Build Your Tribe
Build Your Tribe Homework
Build Your Tribe Presentation Notes
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Week 4
Week 4 Introduction
Creating an atmosphere that releases Heaven's Song
Week 4 Notes
Week 4 Homework
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Week 5
Week 5 Introduction
How to host the glory of God and lead your team in a prophetic culture
The Sound Of Heaven Teaching Notes
Zoom Call with Fini De Gersigny from 2017
Releasing Heaven's Song FULL BOOK
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Week 6
My Top 12 Passive Income Ideas
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How To Worship Bigger Than The Room (From Redeeming A Sound Course)
Frequency - The Power Of Sound: Everything Vibrates (Taken from God Vibrations Course)
Chaldni Plate Experiment (Taken from God Vibrations Course)
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Interested in this course? Email us at roma@romawaterman.com