Would you love to create your own online course but not sure where to start?

Do you dream of making a generous monthly passive income? Do you have a desire to impact not just a few, but hundreds, maybe even thousands of lives with your training? In this course you will find thetools to create quality, world class online training. I am passionate about teaching, and like you, felt I may not have the resources or knowledge to create my own online courses that looked professional....all on a budget.

  • Learn how you can do most things by yourself and on a budget

  • Plan, design, record and promote your course

  • Target your market by learning research and planning tools to create your own amazing online course

  • Execute the correct sound,lights, and audio options to record your course (that are right for you and your budget)

  • Learn top marketing tips to promote your course

  • Easily implement screencast software to film and edit your lectures

  • Discover web based tools to find images & music to help create an interactive and interesting course

  • Create your own images and artwork to promote your online courses

  • Discover productivity hacks to create easy and efficient workflow

In the last two years by implementing the strategies in this course, I have been able to earn a 5 figure income teaching online, and been able to train thousands all over the world.

I believe the tools that I have learned as an online instructor will help you succeed and will not only exceed your expectations but give you all you need to accomplish a successful online business. In this course I have included everything that I have learned that has helped me become a successful online instructor. From research, planning, to filming, marketing to simple productivity hacks.

  • Understanding different learning styles and techniques to help teach ANY type of student

  • Complete challenges to keep you accountable

  • Join a community of online course creators where you can share your ideas and ask questions

Icons & text

  • Videos

  • Lesson Planner

    Template to help you plan out your course

  • Research Techniques

    Tips to help you validate if your idea is worthy of an online course

  • PDFs

  • Top Marketing Strategies

    Top 10 marketing tips to implement for your course

  • Learning & Teaching Techniques

  • 5 Step Course Creation Checklist

  • Notes

  • Comprehensive Technical Requirements

    Sound, lights, actions - everything you need to know about what equipment you need to create an online course

  • Productivity Hacks

    To create courses and marketing materials quickly and efficiently

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2


    • Why Research?

    • Research Your Topic Using Google, You Tube & Amazon

    • Udemy Research

    • Using Co Scheduler to Help with Your Course Title

    • Weblinks to Co Scheduler and interesting blogs

    • Where Should You Host Your Course?

    • More advanced options for hosting your courses - membership sites included

    • CHALLENGE: Create A Course Title Using Research Tools

  • 3


    • How To Plan Your Lesson Outline

    • Lesson Outline Template - Use This To Help Create Your Online Course

    • Different Lecture Formats Explained

    • How Long Should Your Video Lectures be and Why

  • 4


    • My Simple Studio Set up to Film Courses

    • Filming: Camera Suggestions to Film Your Courses

    • Filming Options PDF Print Out

    • Audio Set Up

    • Lighting

    • 3 Point Lighting System PDF

    • Using A Green Screen

    • Using ScreenFlow: How To Adjust Volume, Screen Size & Add Actions

    • Using ScreenFlow: How to Add Text and Transitions

    • Using ScreenFlow: Exporting and Uploading Your Videos

    • How To Create A Keynote Presentation

    • How To Add A Key Note Presentation in Screenflow - an in-depth lesson

    • CHALLENGE: Lights, Camera, Action!

  • 5


    • Introduction - Top 10 Marketing Tips

    • Build Your Tribe

    • Create Social Proof

    • Create Social Proof Links: Facebook Groups You Can Join

    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    • You Tube

    • You Tube Marketing Tips Print Out

    • Build Your Mailing List

    • Sending an Email using Mailchimp

    • Mailing List Resources Print Out

    • Email Signatures

    • Icon downloads for your email signatures

    • Setting up an Email Signature for your IPhone

    • Webinars

    • Re-Purpose Content

    • Cross Promote

    • Offer Upgrades and Bonuses

    • Discount Coupons

    • CHALLENGE: Email Signatures

    • Conclusion: How to Market your Course

  • 6


    • Different Learning Styles: How to teach the Global and Analytical Thinker

    • How to teach the Visual, Analytical, Reading/Writing & Kinesthetic Learner

    • The 4 Types of Learners PDF

  • 7


    • What is a landing page?

    • What Makes A Great Landing Page?

    • Creating A Landing Page using the AIDA Method

    • CHALLENGE: Create Your Own Landing Page Using the AIDA Method

  • 8


    • Creating A Great Promo Video

    • Demo Promo Video Example

    • Promo Video Script with Notes PDF

    • Udemy Tips for creating a Great Promo Video Link

  • 9


    • Using Google Drive - Why and How

    • Using Canva To Create Your Own Graphics/Images

    • Where to Get FREE Images for your Course

    • Free Images PDF

    • Using Word Dream to create beautiful social media posts

    • Using Fiverr.com

    • Buffer For Scheduling Posts

    • CHALLENGE: Social Media Picture

  • 10


    • Thank you!

    • 5 Step Course Creation Checklist

    • Online Course Creation Presentations Slides

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