Sounds of The Nations Prophetic Arts Gathering 2017

MP3 Teachings | taught by Roma Waterman
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Welcome & How To Download the MP3's
Welcome & How To Download the MP3's
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SOTN Oceania Prophetic Arts Gathering Teachings 2017
Lana & Kevin Vawser - Afternoon Session
Joshua Mills - Saturday Night
Lyn Lasneski - Saturday Afternoon Session
SOTN - Sam and Iva Testimony
Stephen Roach - Saturday Morning Session
Stephen Roach - Part B
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Bonus - Dan McCollam & Rob Harriss Teaching SOTN 2
Bonus - Dan McCollam Teaching
Bonus - Rob Harris - SOTN Africa Director
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Sounds of the Nations Worship School Membership 2018

Course description

Teaching sessions from our Sounds of the Nations Prophetic Arts Gathering 2017, featuring Joshua Mills, Lana Vawser, Stephen Roach and Lyn Lasneski.  Not to be missed!

If you are a creative looking for ideas and encouragement in your sphere, you will really enjoy the wisdom from these creative God Artists.

Also included are some bonus teachings from Dan McCollam (SOTN Global Founder) and Papa Rob Harriss (SOTN Africa).

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Roma Waterman
Roma Waterman

Hi there! Here's a bit of info about me... My husband Ted and I are the Directors of Sounds of the Nations Oceania. I'm the author of Releasing Heaven's Song, The God Artist, The Handbook for Working Singers and "Creative Identity-Carving Your Angel in the Rock. I'm even an Amazon No 1 best seller which I'm pretty excited about!

I've been a vocal coach for 25 years, working with contestants on The X Factor, The Voice and Australian Idol. I've released 8 albums and toured Internationally and won several songwriting awards in my career.

I'm grateful and humbled for all my success stories, but my most rewarding achievement has been creating online courses to help others achieve their dreams as creative artists - singers, songwriters, painters dancers. Currently there are over 9,000 students worldwide doing one of my courses.