How to Interpret Your God Given Dreams

Masterclass, bonus training & PDF downloads

Join Roma Waterman and Pastor Stacey Hilliar as they share different ways the Lord can speak in dreams. You will learn how to understand some of the symbolism in your dreams, and how to know if your dream is from God. This online course also includes bonus training on overcoming nightmares, plus workbooks and a training 'playbook' with extensive notes and activations. Also included is a fillable PDF for you to journal your dreams, plus common symbols and meanings in dreams Ebook. A course not to be missed!

God is often speaking through dreams - but are you paying attention?

Did you know God spoke through dreams right throughout scripture? He still does today, and in this course you will learn from the scripture and personal experience how powerful it is to receive comfort, direction and clarity when we expect God to speak to us while we sleep.

  • 1.5 Hour Masterclass on understanding your God given dreams with Roma Waterman & Stacey Hilliar

  • Playbook with extensive notes, theological study & Activations

  • Prayer Practices for Godly, sweet sleep

  • Fillable Dream Journal To Print or Fill Out Online

  • PDF of Common Symbols and their Meanings

  • How To Overcome Nightmares (Includes prayer)

Dreams Playbook

Included with this course is a comprehensive workbook which includes theological study, training, & Activations to grow in understanding your God-given dreams.

Is God Speaking to You In Your Dreams?

Join this course where you will learn:

  • Biblical Theology of Hearing God in Your Dreams

    Is dreaming scriptural? Why do we dream? Are all dreams a message from God? I don’t dream - is something wrong with me? Learn this and more in our masterclass video training.

  • Numbers, Colors, Symbols - What do they mean?

    Common mistakes when interpreting dreams Colors and meanings Numbers and meanings How to interpret yours and other peoples dreams

  • How To Increase Your Dream Life, Prayers & Journalling

    Why recording your dreams is important A crafted prayer for hearing God from your dreams Activation ideas to increase your dream life Overcoming Nightmares

Bonus Content

Included with this masterclass, playbook and video training you will also receive:

  • How To Overcome Nightmares

    Learn the surprising cause of nightmares, both physical and spiritual and how to overcome them.

  • Dream Journal - Fillable

    Beautifully designed dream journal pages for you to process and record your dreams - all fillable for online or print out use.

  • Common Symbols & Meanings PDF

    Beautifully designed PDF of common symbols in dreams and their meanings

Bonus Ebooks & PDF's

Dreams Playbook of full notes, Fillable Dream Journal Pages & Common Symbols in Dreams and their meanings PDF also included.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction - Welcome!

    • How To Use This Course: Walkthrough

  2. 2
    • Understanding your God Given Dreams Masterclass

    • WORKBOOK: Understanding Your God Given Dreams

  3. 3
    • Overcoming Nightmares

    • The Prayer of Examen to pray at the end of the day (to help overcome nightmares or anxiety)

    • Prayer of Examen Audio File

  4. 4
    • Common Symbols in Dreams - A Quick Guide

    • My Dream Journal - fillable journal and processing pages

    • My Dream Journal - More info

  5. 5
    • What's Next? And Closing Prayer