Comprehensive Workbook Included with Lifetime Access

What would it look like to encounter God in a deeper way?

One that enriches and revives your personal encounter of Him?

What would it feel like to not just read scripture, but to enter it’s sacredness by meditating, reflecting, and contemplating it in a deeper way?

I want to personally invite you to come on a journey of discovery...

To experience Christ using the devotional practice of Lectio Divina. Join me live once a week for four weeks where I will guide you in a time of worship and meditation on scripture using this ancient prayer practice.

What Is Lectio Divina?

In Latin, Lectio Divina, means “sacred reading”. It is a way to read over small pieces of scripture, slowly and prayerfully.

  • Practiced for centuries by monks and nuns it comes from the Hebrew method of study which required interaction of the reader/hearer for deeper study of scripture.

  • As a traditional method of cultivating deeper relationship with Christ, today it is a way not only to read scripture, but rather allowing scripture to read you, to allow your meditation on the word of God to become an ongoing conversation with the divine.

  • 12th Century, monk Guido, explains the four movements of Lectio Divina using food and feasting symbolism by saying: “Reading, as it were, puts the food into the mouth, meditation chews it and breaks it up, prayer extracts its flavour; contemplation is the sweetness itself which gladdens and refreshes.

What is Included

  • 4 X 1.5 Hour sessions

    4 X 1.5 sessions of pre-recorded content where I guide you through different portions of scripture using the practice of Lectio Divina.

  • Additional Contemplative Practices

    We will also use some other reflections and prayers to deepen your experience.

At The End Of These Sessions, You Will:

  • Engage in the more contemplative, traditional spiritual practices that will provide a good balance to the outward, ministry expression of public ministry life

  • Embrace slowness and meditation amidst your busy lifestyle.

  • Develop a routine of guided prayer for your own personal devotions.

  • Bring an intentionality and power to public ministry times because of greater reflection privately.

  • Learn to drown out the noise of fear, opinions and the concerns of this world and hone in to His still small voice

About Roma Waterman

Roma Waterman is an award-winning singer/songwriter, worship leader, speaker and author from Melbourne, Australia. She is also the director of Sounds of the Nations Oceania – a missional organisation that seeks to empower artistic people to release authentic expressions of worship that transforms nations. She runs an online training school 'HeartSong Creative Academy', which teaches thousands of students all over the world in all things prophetic, creative and worship. Roma has a Graduate Certificate Of Arts and is currently completing her Graduate Certificate in Teaching Christian Meditation and Prayer with the goal to complete a Masters of Spirituality. Her passion is to see people connect with God dynamically in a way that brings transformation on a personal level.