Learning to thrive online is not as hard as you might think...

God is re-inventing how you express your giftings and your creativity - and I want to show you how you can do that online - to reach more people and have that work/ministry life balance that is so important. I believe He is wanting creative prophets to rise up in this era...and conquer the online space. I would love to teach you what I have learned over the last five years in creating my own online platform and teaching over 30,000 worldwide. Sometimes even in my sleep! It has allowed me more time with my family, a greater income, more freedom to create what is truly on my heart.

Take this course to learn simple and efficient principles to earn an income from your ministry or creative gift. Using Godly principles, with lots of examples and ideas, this course will fast track you with many options you can try to take your ministry online for greater impact.

  • Learn how to make money FAST using my Money Now Plan

  • Facebook Ad training to set up your first pixel and ad campaign correctly

  • Miracle Mindset training to ensure you approach everything with a positive framework for success

  • How to create a mini online course in a few days

  • Video walkthrough on how to create ebooks, templates and documents that sell

  • How to set up a home studio

What's Included


    Learn how to make money FAST on the way to where you are going - using my Money Now Plan


    My top 12 Passive income Ideas


    Learn how to create an Ebook in a day and how to create templates, documents and ebooks for free!


    Ever wants to set up a home studio but didn't know what gear to buy, costs, and how to connect it all? In this module I share how to do all of this to set up a recording studio for music or podcasting


    Ever wondered how to set up a Facebook Ad to promote your product or offer? In this training I will help you set up your first pixel and ad campaign correctly


    During this season of uncertainty, how you think is so important. I'm going to share some secrets to having a winning attitude that will help you succeed at whatever you put your hand to.

Bonus material

In addition to the above you will also get these awesome bonuses

  • BONUS #1: Interview with Solutionary Drew McNeil

    This was an amazing interview around how to be a solutionary/expert in your chosen field.

  • BONUS #2: Q&A Interview with Roma

    This was an interview we did with our students asking all your questions about all things online. Very informative!

  • BONUS #3: Interview with Helen Garnet - GChoir UK

    Special guest Helen Garnett from the Gchoir (UK) shares how to run choir rehearsals online - learn from the master!


Learn how to thrive online with these simple, easy ideas