How To Sing #1 and #2 Course Bundle

Want the whole shebang? Get Roma's TWO of Roma's best selling courses for a discounted price.

How To Sing #1 - Vocal Warm Up Tool Kit and Voice Physiology Essentials

  • 42 bite size, easy to digest lectures;
  • Almost 2 hours of live video, power point presentations and MP3's;
  • Diagrams and explanations on voice anatomy - from vocal folds to breathing;
  • A study of the 3 pillars of the voice - Posture, Breathing and Resonance - with exercises for you to try at home;
  • Printable PDF's with exercises and notes at the end of each section;
  • 5 quizzes;
  • A 25 minute downloadable vocal warm up CD with full backing tracks;
  • Sheet music for all the scales;
  • ebook of all the notes with diagrams for you to print out and keep;
  • A recomended resource list so you can keep on learning.
  • Complete the course at your own leisure - take your time for a thorough learning experience, or complete it in a few days and have a resource you can go back to over and over again.

How To Sing #2 - Increase Your Vocal Range

  • Over 1.5 hours of video content;
  • Over 1 hour of downloadable MP3 piano scales;
  • Vocal exercises to: Blend Vocal Registers - Increase Vocal Range- Improve Voice Flexibility;
  • A cheat sheet print out to help with your practice;
  • The Singing Dictionary Ebook of common singing terms;
  • Q&A videos of most common voice questions (Have you ever wondered what chest voice//head voice really means? What is falsetto?);
  • Placement Imagery Exercises: A simple 'mind/thinking' technique that will help strengthen and expand your vocal range;
  • A way to find YOUR Vocal Range (soprano, mezzo, alto, tenor, baritone, bass) with videos on voice classification & vocal registers.